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Viruses, adware and spyware can wreak havoc on your computer, slowing its speed, destroying data and even compromising your identity. Protect your computer from harm with American Tech Support. We provide anti-virus set-up and removal services for our Denver, Colorado customers, eliminating damaging viruses and programs from your computer and preventing them from returning.


Computer viruses have become an absolute fact of life. They are much more prevalent among PC’s, Servers, Laptops as well as Phones. They are transmissible via “drive-by” infected websites, email, flash-drives, network, WiFI (wireless) or any shared resource (even printers). The technicians at American Tech Support have been known to find, and safely excute virus removals of all degrees.




We have the latest tools and protection software to give you the best solution possible.

Computer viruses continue to disrupt the business day and rob people of their valuable time and money. Firewalls don’t protect users from viruses. It is the user’s responsibility to be “virus aware” and protect their office environment from viruses whenever possible.


Firewalls cannot replace security-consciousness on the part of users. In general, a firewall cannot protect against a data-driven attack–attacks in which something is mailed or copied to an internal host where it is then executed. This form of attack has occurred in the past against various versions of send mail, ghost script, and scripting mail user agents like Outlook.


Organizations that are deeply concerned about viruses should implement organization-wide virus control measures. Blanketing your network with virus scanning software will protect against viruses that come in. Trying to block viruses at the firewall will only protect against viruses from the Internet–and the vast majority of viruses are transmitted via attachments from email.


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What do adware and spyware have to do with each other?

Adware has one defining trait that is very much its own: its ability to show you an endless stream of annoying and fake tech support pop-up windows and banner adverts. Spyware does not do this but it does have an even more sinister trick up its sleeve – read on to find out what.


The reason that adware and spyware are often lumbered together in articles about malware is that adware does have some spy-like characteristics. When adware is installing itself on your PC it also installs a tracing component that monitors your internet usage and tracks and records which websites you visit. It then sends this data back to the adware’s programmer who can then show you adverts that are closely related to the goods or services that you have been looking at online.


Spyware on the other hand will not only survey which websites you visit – it takes its creepy and intrusive antics one step – a big step – further. Spyware often installs something called a keylogger on your machine and this will monitor which keys you type. This data is collected and then sent to the programmer or owner of the spyware so that they can discover – and of course then use - your passwords, login details, online bank account details, credit card numbers and anything else they care to discover about you.


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Protecting yourself from adware and fake tech support pop-ups

After reading the above you probably want to learn how to protect yourself. Well, much as we all love to download the plethora of free apps and software that are available out there, to protect yourself you need to download with care. And that means reading T's & C's carefully when you're downloading to ensure you're not also installing any nasty add-ons. If your computer has been infected by adware which displays tech support scam pop-ups saying that you need to call certain phone number for assistance - DON'T and instead please follow the steps in the removal guide below. If you call the number you will probably lose at least $100 and compromise your computer security. If you have questions, please leave a comment down below. Good luck and be safe online!

Below are some of the viruses we have listed in which we can provide you live technical support: