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A router is a device used to direct traffic flow between local computers networked together, either via Ethernet cabling, or through radio wave technology. A network that uses Ethernet cabling is referred to as a hard-wired network, while radio wave networks are called wireless networks. Both types of networks have advantages and disadvantages, but wireless networks are the least expensive and easiest to set up because they don’t require running Ethernet cable between machines. Standard routers do not have wireless technology built in, so if you want a wireless network, you’ll require a wireless router.



While a wireless router can direct local traffic on a network, a modem is required if Internet access is desired. In many cases, digital subscriber line (DSL) and cable Internet service providers (ISPs) provide a pre-configured modem to connect to the service. A wireless router can be connected to the modem to provide Internet access to the network.

Another option is to get a wireless router with a built-in modem, reducing the number of devices required. Most quality products in this line come with instructions for configuring the built-in modem to connect to popular, national ISPs, typically a trivial exercise for anyone with a little computer experience. If you do choose to get a wireless router with a built-in modem, you’ll either need to know what type of Internet access you will be getting, (cable or DSL), or you’ll want a router model that supports both types.


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A router is a device that forwards packets of data between different computers in a network. In simpler terms, a router is a device that helps connect multiple computers. Most routers that are found in homes are used to pass data such as web pages or emails between the home computer and a cable that is connected to the internet via an Internet Service Provider or ISP.

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Routers are complicated devices that may be hard to fix on your own, even after reading up on materials found online. Whenever you’re faced with such a problem, call us.

Why Us - Our router support specialists have, on average, more than 5 years of experience in providing technical support. Once they are selected, they undergo an in-house training program to make sure that they are on top of things.
Even if you think that your router is experiencing hardware issues, do give us a call. Many issues that appear to be related to hardware could actually be software related. If the issue does turn out to be hardware related, we will not charge you anything.
Underneath is a list of issues that our tech support specialists are generally asked to resolve. They can solve not just these, but many more with ease:-

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1) Installation and set up of routers
2) Setting up a wireless network in your home/office
3) Securing your network to prevent unauthorized access
4) Optimizing browser/router configuration to maximize network performance
5) Connecting multiple devices to your network

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