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Printer is a peripheral device attached to the computer which transmits any data, texts, graphics, photos etc. in physical form. It is commonly used in almost every office and home. The most of the assignments cannot be finished where hard copies are required. So if the work is so important the performance of printer affects us very badly. There are many options of printers is available and one should choose as per the business and their printing needs. The understanding of color features, quality, volume capability, functions and price is required for the users for which the services of Printers can be taken. Below mentioned are things which are enough to need of a printer support:


For Immediate Onsite or Remote Assistance
USA Support Call: +1-855 (378) 8884

Printer Brands Supported

Printer Types Supported

  • Inkjet printers
  • Deskjet printers
  • Laserjet Printers
  • Officejet Printers
  • Photosmart printers


For Immediate Onsite or Remote Assistance
USA Support Call: +1-855 (378) 8884

Selection of the printer as per the need.

  • Installation, optimization and troubleshooting related concern.
  • Instability of the printing
  • Need of the printer drivers for update the printer time to time
  • Network related issues of printer
  • General error messages related assistance

OFS provide services to build the ability to perform basic maintenance. Instead of spending money to ship the unit and pay for servicers you can order a complete package with detailed instructions to help any kind of trouble. We have more efficient and have the best quality available anywhere in the market. The Color printers are equipped with the fastest and speedy technology and due to significant development in the technology it needs someone who can understand the advancement of digital data processing and our team comprises all the qualities to handle any situation. Our services are more reliable than the other services providers. The new generation printers are relatively trouble-free compared to their older version, but they are still complex machines which need know how to taking care of it.


Printer Defects (Visual Listing)

Black lines - parallel or perpendicular

Laster Printer Print Defects - Black Lines


Blank Page Print Defect Occassionally

Laser Printer Print Defects Blank Pages


Blank Spots

Laser Printer Print Defects Blank Spots


Bubble Print

Laster Printer Print Defects - Bubble Print


Compressed Print

Laser Printer Print Defects Compressed Print


Contamination on Back

Laster Printer Print Defects - Contamination on Back


Distorted Image

Laster Printer Print Defects - Distorted Image


Fading Print with Bubbles

Laster Printer Print Defects - Fading Print with Bubbles


Gray Background

Laster Printer Print Defects - Gray Background


Toner Smear

Laster Printer Print Defects - Toner Smear


For Immediate Onsite or Remote Assistance
USA Support Call: +1-855 (378) 8884


We explore set pattern to prevent printer problems ranging from the purchasing printer up to sync with the system. With our core team of technicians you keep yourself stress free of thinking about the efforts and time wasting in finding local support centers and services. Before going in deep it is important for you to understand the loss of work due to lack of printer support. You can try to get printer support anywhere but we will give an effective result to you as we never leave any matter un-entertained. So the best solution remain is to take the professional services of OFS to get the complete solution.