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Linksys Router Support +0-800 (098) 8477

Linksys was founded in 1988 in a garage in Irvine, California. The founders, Janie and Victor Tsao (who received a master's degree in computer science from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1980), were immigrants from Taiwan who held second jobs as consultants specializing in pairing American technology vendors with manufacturers in Taiwan. The company's first products were printer sharers that connected multiple PCs to printers. From this it expanded into Ethernet hubs, network cards, and cords. By 1994, it had grown to 55 employees with annual revenues of $6.5 million.


The company received a major boost in 1995, when Microsoft released Windows 95 with built-in networking functions that expanded the market for its products. Linksys established its first U.S. retail channels with Fry's Electronics (1995) and Best Buy (1996).  In 1999, the company announced the first Fast Ethernet PCMCIA Card for notebook PCs. In 2000, it introduced the first 8-port router with SNMP and QoS, and in 2001 it shipped its millionth cable/DSL router. By 2003, when the company was acquired by Cisco, it had 305 employees and revenues of more than $500 million.


Cisco continued to invest to expand the company's product line. In April 2005, Cisco acquired VoIP maker Sipura Technology and made it part of the Linksys division. For a time, VoIP products based on Sipura technology were offered under the Linksys Voice System brand. (They are now sold by Cisco as part of the Linksys Business Series.) In July 2008, Cisco acquired Seattle-based Pure Networks, a vendor of home networking-management software. Pure Networks had previously provided the tools and software infrastructure used to create the Linksys Easy Link Advisor.


Cisco announced in January 2013 that it would sell its home networking division and Linksys to Belkin. While no financial details were released, the acquisition will give Belkin 30% of the home router market. Belkin plans to continue support and honor warranties for existing Linksys products.


Linksys Router Support +0-800 (098) 8477



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Linksys Router Support +0-800 (098) 8477


Why Linksys Technical Support is needed?

If you are a regular user of Linksys tech support of a Linksys router and fed up of this daily hectic schedule errors occurring in your Linksys router then you must need an expert technician of Linksys router technical support. In many instances, they maintain your network setup as internally and externally by purging soft errors and make the process under factory settings. In most of the cases you must turn to Linksys tech support as per for additional aid. More important, a good news is that you can avail Linksys router technical support. There are lots of router errors which may occur in your way as discussed below.

This is fact that all of sudden your Linksys router, this may be caused due to following reasons, includes as:

  1. Hanging Linksys router’s IP
  2. Linksys router password changed
  3. Expiring Linksys router firmware
  4. No signal network connection into your router
  5. PC’s firewall may block the network connection

These above issues may encounter difficulties can go through Linksys technical support. In fact, our technical support services offers various technical options, before begin to make use of Linksys router technical support services through given services which we provided by an expert team.

Online Linksys Tech Support Services

Here our aim is to provide Linksys router tech support services which was established for the purpose to allow router technical services through online. Having problem in facing troubles again-n-again, just Contact at Linksys technical support avails to serve the technical support for 24*7*365. Thus, we committed to the Linksys users that they receive an excellent support.

We may help you especially for a particular router is Linksys:

  1.  Done the process of resetting the wireless Linksys router
  2.  Supports for how to setup a Linksys router along with modem software
  3.  Improving sluggish data speed
  4.  Allowing strong signal strength
  5.  Get secured Wi-Fi network keys with passwords
  6.  Downloading latest version of a Linksys router firmware
  7.  Supports for re-configuring a wireless Linksys router
  8.  Change the default router settings under factory router settings

Linksys Router Support Services

Linksys router has a facility to provide all technical support to the customers. They done the live process of troubleshoot such as configuration, installation, uninstallation, updating, and customization. Therefore, we offers Linksys tech support services through many ways where customers feel comfortable like online Linksys support, Linksys chat support, email technical support for Linksys router or via the Linksys toll free phone number and many more. Remember that Contact Linksys technical support without any hesitation.