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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is OnlyForSupport.com?
OnlyForSupport.com is an online PC / home networking / printer repair services provider, which provides computer support or computer help for home and corporate customers at an affordable price with high quality of service in US and Canada. OnlyForSupport.com provides unique service when compared to other PC repair services because of its pay-per-fix model. Customers will not be charged until the customer's computer problems are fixed.
What services does OnlyForSupport.com offer?
We offer services which includes fixing any type of PC / Networking / Wireless technology issues. Our computer repair experts fix computer problems which are both simple and complex. Our computer repair experts assist our customers from initial setup to troubleshooting complex issues at various levels on all technology problems. For us computer service is not only fixing the problem, but also educating the customers on how the issues arise and how to deal with it personally. So that in the future, if the same type of issue occurs, customers can troubleshoot or fix computer on their own without the need for phone support or spending money at all.
Who is a Tech Support Engineer?
In simple terms, a tech support engineer is an experienced desktop and home networking engineer, who will help you for your technical needs. OnlyForSupport.com is very choosy in selecting tech support engineers and makes sure that the tech support engineers are fully equipped to resolve any type of computer issues without wasting too much time and providing relief to the customers instantly. Our tech support engineer provides tech help with patience, sincerity, and utmost care to our customers. Our telephone technical support team includes experts of Microsoft, Mac, Canon, Cisco, Netgear, Hotmail, Gmail, Dell and HP.
How does OnlyForSupport.com Remote Desktop Solution Work?
OnlyForSupport.com is using Remote Desktop Software technology. The customers and the computer tech experts connect through Remote Desktop Software. It is absolutely safe and secure, and it is used by a good proportion of users from around the world. We have a link for download in our website, and all you have to do is to click on it and install it in your system, and our computer tech experts will connect to your system and fix your computer issues Ex: Teamviewer, AmmyAdmin, Logmein, Citrix etc.
Is it safe to use Remote Access?
Remote Access is one of the inevitable tools required for providing computer service. It is absolutely safe to use remote access with Solutionfortech.com. You can immediately stop the remote access anytime during troubleshooting process without any trouble.
Who should use OnlyForSupport.com?
Any customer who is looking for an affordable technical support with excellent quality of service should use OnlyForSupport.com. At the initial stages, we are providing our support only to customers in UK, USA, AUS, Canada, India. Computer users should have a Computer Warranty that gives them the liberty to operate their computer without the security and privacy concern
Is the Services Guaranteed?
Yes, all the services at OnlyForSupport.com are guaranteed. The customer has all the rights to call back Solutionfortech.com and reopen a ticket within five days.The customer can raise a refund request within 5 days if the problem is not solved after reopening a ticket. Please note that our senior computer tech support engineer will do a fundamental check to validate the refund claim, and the customer has to cooperate with the senior computer tech support engineer for validation.
How do I pay for Solutionfortech.com Services?
The first step is to register and create an account with Onlyforsupport.com via connecting your twitter, linkedin, hotmail,(it is free), and then can call, Email, create online support ticket or Chat with our tech support engineers to fix computer or troubleshoot any issue. Once the problem is fixed, the customer will be charged online or On Phone. No coupons or anything is required to avail the OnlyForSupport.com services. We are constantly working towards making our customer support experience as simple as possible.
What are your hours of operations?
Our online support hours are from 24Hours and 5 Days Monday - Friday. However, you can leave a voice message during non-support hours with call back number, call back time and issue description, and we will call you back. Otherwise, you can send an email to support@Solutionfortech.com or raise an online ticket in www.OnlyForSupport.com by clicking on Support button.
Will I wait on hold?
Definitely no, we give lot of value and importance to our customer's time and money. Our customers can leave a voice message while waiting to connect to our telephone technical support engineer by pressing #1 and expect a call back as soon as possible. Please mention your name, Email ID, call back number, and issue description without fail.
Is it safe to give my information to onlyforsupport.com?
onlyforsupport.com has been hosted in a well secured environment and follows the best security standards (SSL -128 bit Encryption).Our customer details will not be shared with anybody under any circumstances. We will be sending our newsletters, technical tips and tricks, and offers on a periodical basis.Our customers will be empowered to unsubscribe these newsletters as and when required.
What is the Refund Process?
The customer has all the rights to call back onlyforsupport.com and reopen a ticket within five days. The customer can raise a refund request within 5 working days if the problem is not solved after reopening a ticket. Please note that our senior computer tech support engineer will do a fundamental check to validate the refund claim, and the customer has to cooperate with the senior computer tech support engineer for validation.
What is a Case Ticket?
When our customers seek our technical support help through phone, mail, online ticket or Chat, we give them a ticket number which will be tagged with the unique customer ID. Our customers shall use this unique ticket number to check their case status online and use it as reference when they call us.
What is Call Back Option?
The call back option we provide is very simple. Our customers can send an Email to support@onlyforsupport.com or raise an online ticket by clicking on Start an Email Request, to request our computer support engineer to give you a call back.
Do you support Google Apps?
Yes,we support Google Apps. We support our customers to configure their web domains (Mywebsite.com) to use Google Apps applications and integrate its Email, calendar, docs, and spreadsheet URLs for your domain.
What happens when I leave a Voice Message?
Once you leave a voice message, our next available agent will give you a call back to the number mentioned in voice message to provide computer help and troubleshoot your computer issues. So make sure to leave your Name, Phone#, Country & Issue.
What are all the products supported?
We provide Desktop, Laptops, Ipads, Tablets, Smartphones, Printers support to all PC operating systems, applications and networking devices. We provide HP support, Windows support / Mac support, and various other products for networking. In relation to HP technical support, our technical support services also include fixing printer issues.
Do you provide support for complex Microsoft, Mac, HP, Dell, related issues?
We have great admiration for these brands. These brands are wonderful, user friendly, and most widely used product in the world today. Since it is the most widely used product in the world, obviously we handle more number of Microsoft related issues when compared to other products and turned ourselves into Microsoft technical support experts. Over the course of time, we have become seasoned in providing excellent Microsoft technical support and we have expertise in handling almost all complex issues with ease and fix the issue without delay. All of our customers are glad to have availed our tech help especially for Microsoft support and HP support, and our testimonials are a proof for that.
What are the modes of contact?
Our online technical support services include phone technical support, Email support, Chat support and Question & Answers. Globally customers can contact us through all the four modes of contact, i.e., phone support, Email support, and Chat support. However, we provide technical support only through Phone, E-mail, Chat support And Questions & Answer to people from all the part of the globe.
What are the modes of payment?
You can make the payments on Phone, Chat or Websites via Bank Transfers, Direct Debit, Drop Checks in HSBC Bank, Visa Debit or Credit Card, Master Debit or Credit Card.
I had the money in my Bank Account, however my payment got declined, what could be the reason?
Probably you have not shared the right Expiry date, CVV# . If all these information is correct after rechecking it, please call your bank and Instruct them to release the payment in EURO Currency